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So who is in charge? Update…..

Although things are still unsettled, and we still don’t have an official new government in place, there have been a few developments today……….

Firstly, David Cameron has confirmed that although his party has been in negotiation with the Conservative party now for several days, no agreement has been reached. While he confirmed negotiations will continue, he has also stated that he has instigated official negotiations with the Labour party on the same issues.

Gordon Brown had also made a statement confirming that Labour are entering talks with the Liberal Democrats in the hope of reaching an agreement that will allow them to jointly form a government. In the same statement though, he also stated that he has heard the voice of the people and accepts that he himself bears much of the responsibility for his party’s failure to secure the election. He will therefore be standing down as party leader.

The following are news snippets snagged form the BBC News site, and I’ll update them as anything that seems relevant appears and add my own comments in brackets………..

19:05 – The Conservatives are making a “final offer” to the Lib Dems, promising a referendum on bringing in a different voting system – known as AV – shadow chancellor George Osborne says. Labour had a referendum on AV in the their election manifesto. (sounds to me like they’re sick of talking now they know the Lib-Dems are also talking to Labour)

19:18 – Mr Hague says if the Lib Dems is to enter government with a Labour Party, this would not be secure, have another unelected prime minister and impose a voting reform without consulting the public. They would be making a “great mistake”, he adds. (erm, excuse me but wont whichever leader we get be an “unelected” one since no party actually won?)

19:45 Labour MP Diane Abbott says that “tragically, the numbers mean that a Lib-Lab pact would be least stable”. (is it just me or is she sounding rather negative here? Surely this is not the way to hold on to power)

20:05 Some clarification. Labour are planning to offer the Lib Dems a bill on bringing in the AV electoral system and a referendum on a fuller system of proportional representation, Lib Dem sources tell the BBC. The Tories, by contrast, are offering a referendum on AV and fixed-term parliaments. (It all sounds very complicated doesn’t it? I’m not sure I really understand the difference between the two offers)

20:24 Chancellor Alistair Darling says talks with the Lib Dems “may come to nothing” but are still necessary. It would be “foolish” not to hold discussions, he adds. (So, more rhetoric, but still not much action)

20:37 David Cameron has phoned Nick Clegg in the past 25 minutes to set out the Tories’ final offer of a referendum on AV, the BBC learns. It’s understood there is no deadline to the offer. Lib Dem MPs will meet at 2200 BST for more discussions.

I guess this means we’re not going to get any more official announcements any time soon, so I’m calling a halt to updating this for now. I’ll add more later tonight though if there’s any major news.

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