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So, to this weeks DW, finally……

Sorry about the delay. I know I usually do this on Sunday, but after visiting friends on Saturday night, staying up till it was almost light, and drinking far more wine that was sensible, I really couldn’t get my act together yesterday to do much of anything. So, vampires huh? Warning, as usual this may contain spoilers for those who’ve not seen it yet…….

This weeks episode, The Vampires of Venice, was actually great fun, at least I thought so. To start with it was the funniest so far, with more “laugh out loud” moments than we’ve had so far this season. Oh and new monsters too, vampires this time, although of course they’re not your “classic” vampire, this is DW after all. They’re aliens of course, a species that’s not actually named in the show, although we do learn they originate from Saturnyne.

original image courtesy of the BBC’s Doctor Who site

Their leader, known to the locals as Seniora Calvierri, has set up a “school” which recruits local girls and then slowly converts them into “brides” for her sons in order to repopulate her species. After conversion of course, they look a little less “human”.

original image courtesy of the BBC’s Doctor Who site

As always of course the Doctor saves the day, but not before a rather entertaining fight between Amy’s fiancé Rory, and Seniora Calvierri’s son, but that’s all I’m going to tell you plot wise, spoilers and all that. Although I would like to quote one of my favourite lines; , “fish from space have never been so……..buxom”,

I would also like to add one other thing, and that’s that I laughed out loud while over at the official DW site earlier snagging the above pics, at the most obvious, glaring error in their section on these creatures.

“The true form of such creatures is a dark, leathery beast, something like a shark. They hide that body beneath a perception filter that manipulates the brainwaves of whoever’s looking at them. Which means that sometimes you won’t see them in mirrors. But a human’s sense of self preservation means they’re always aware of the fangs. In their natural form these vicious predators live underwater.”

The reason being this, their true form looks absolutely, positively nothing like a damn shark! A Crayfish maybe, but definitely not a shark.

screen grab by yours truly, copyright remains BBC of course

Oh and speaking of vampires (see I don’t just throw this blog together, well ok I do but I try to make it vaguely relevant)………….

funny picturesmoar funny pictures

And finally……………..because it simply wouldn’t be my blog if I didn’t include one, here’s a little DT.

original image courtesy of David Tennant Photos

In keeping with the more “candid” pictures I’ve been posting lately, this was taken in a break during filming on Single Father. Enjoy.

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  1. Great post! I loved this episode and agree that it was lol-worthy 🙂 Epic picture of DT too *stares for a while*

    Thanks for the comment on my blog too – it seems as though that person definitely hadn’t watched the episode! ‘Something like a shark’ – pfft!

    Becky 🙂

    Comment by Becky | May 10, 2010

    • I know, have you ever seen a shark like that? Me neither. It was a very lol filled ep wasn’t it? Loved the library card bit too.

      Oh, I also had a go at your caption contest, although it wasn’t the greatest comment I have to admit, lol.

      For anyone else interested, check it out at Becky’s blog.

      Comment by develish1 | May 10, 2010

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