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I feel crap. Yes this is going to be one of those moan type posts where I complaint about life in general, or in this case my life today and how lousy it is at times to be female……Warning, will contain swear words and may not be suitable for male readers…..

I’ve decided, mother nature, or whichever higher power you believe in, has a sodding lousy sense of humour. Why? Because I feel like shit today that’s why.

The cramps started in earnest at around 5.00am just before I belatedly went to bed. As a result I’ve barely slept, I still have cramps, and my mood is such that I’m certain I could rip apart anyone that dares even come near me, with my bare hands. That is of course when I’m not feeling like simply sobbing my eyes out, as I seem to be flipping between the two options right now.

In fact I think I might actually be giving off waves of seething hatred today, as hubby took one look at me, disappeared to the kitchen, returned, silently handed me a coffee and a chocolate bar, and left the room.

Sadly, the older I get the more this is becoming a regular occurrence, gone are the days where I could simply shrug off the few minor cramps I suffered and get on with my day. From what I can recall though, my mother went through much the same thing, so I guess I just have to deal with it as best I can, and hope tomorrow is an improvement.

So I’ve decided, today I’m going to spend the afternoon lying on the sofa, clutching a hot water bottle and eating chocolate, while surrounded by cats (ok, just 3), and doing my best “crazy cat lady” impression.

And speaking of cats………………………….

original image courtesy of David Tennant Photos

You know what? If I do get to come back and do things a second time, maybe I can come back as a cat. I think I might enjoy that.


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  1. Firstly, AWWWW! Cute kitty and even cuter man! 🙂

    Secondly, in the words of the Doctor – “I’m so sorry”.

    I really do feel your pain.

    I don’t get the cramps so much, but the moodswings (especially the crying) and the headaches/migraines are enough to drive a woman nuts. Especially when she’s close to that already… In a bad spell I only get about 1 clear week.

    It’s nice that your hubby knows what to do, though.

    You take care of yourself, watch a lovely DT DVD (what a lot of letters!) but preferably one which will soothe, rather than inflame!

    I do think hot water bottles are a great thing for that horrible time.


    Comment by whogal | May 5, 2010

  2. <> was meant to be a hug, BTW!

    Comment by whogal | May 5, 2010

  3. well we’ve been together over 15 years, so I think he’s sorta got the hang of my moods by now. He knows the best course of action is pretty straight forward, give chocolate, and leave, lol.

    I get the migraines too, although not every month, and luckily given the severity of all the other things this month the migraine didn’t appear, thank goodness.

    As for the DVD, I don’t think I have any that wont inflame, lol. Might opt for an audio book instead, just close my eyes and drown in that lovely voice.

    Comment by develish1 | May 5, 2010

  4. Aww, that’s nice.

    They suck. I think I’m getting one now. 😦 Oh well. Better get the painkillers out.

    Whoever designed these particular ones wants shooting – I mean, when you have a migraine, do you REALLY want to be looking at BRIGHT pink and BRIGHT yellow pills, in BRIGHT orange wrapping??

    How’s that head?? Thought so!

    Yeah, an audiobook does sound the safest option. xx

    Comment by whogal | May 5, 2010

  5. Aww, hugs dev! BUT have to say go see a doctor (mmm, no, wait, distracted!) if the cramps are that bad – a friend of mum’s was recently diagnosed with endometriosis, only because her cramps had gotten so bad she literally couldn’t stand up. Now she’s having surgery / lotsofdrugs and feeling much more human.

    I know it’s almost certainly over-cautious, but it really bugs me that us wimmins just accept that for several days a month, horrible pain is a distinct possibility.

    *virtual chocolate, audiobooks and hot water bottles*

    Comment by Jen | May 6, 2010

  6. already been Jen, nothing structurally at fault it seems, just messy hormone levels, which I suppose is to be expected around my age.

    And the only option offered to assist was HRT, albeit a very mild dose as I’m not nearly at “that” stage yet.

    I generally only ever get at most 2 really bad days cramps-wise, and some months hardly any cramps at all, so I’ve decided not to go there. At least not yet.

    Comment by develish1 | May 6, 2010

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