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Woohoo, it’s Friday!

Ok, that headline is far perkier than I really feel, but I’m trying ok? As I’m certain I’ve mentioned before, my sleep patterns can be a bit “erratic” at times, and that’s putting it mildly to be honest.

Last night I was up pretty late chatting online, and replying to comments on here, while hubby was off doing a night shift, and I really did intend to head to bed soon, honest I did…….

Thing is I started reading something, and before I knew what had happened it was gone 6.00am and hubby was walking through the door and looking at me like I was insane, which to be fair is pretty accurate considering what time it was.

Being the awkward devil that I am though, I insisted on finishing what I was reading, there were only a couple of chapters left after all. So I finally made it to bed, still feeling wide awake and with a head full of the story too, at almost 7.00am, heaven alone knows what time I actually went to sleep.

And so to today, I sleepily dragged my sorry self out of bed and realised it was 2.00pm, although considering the time I went to bed I suppose that’s to be expected. So, here I am, a little over an hour later, after a very large coffee and an AC/DC album, and I’m finally feeling awake.

So, being the kind hearted soul that I am, I thought I’d pass on at least one of these (I can’t send coffee down the line now can I?). I picked a track hopefully most will recognise at least a little, if only because it features heavily in the new Iron Man 2 film. Enjoy, or stick your fingers in your ears, as you wish………….

And what was I reading? It was a piece of Doctor Who fan fiction over at A Teaspoon and an Open Mind and before your mind goes there, no it was not smut. It was however a very well written adventure, that had me totally hooked. Annoyingly, I can’t actually remember the title now, and since my browser wipes history when I close it I can’t even find it that way, but I’ll head off on a hunt later to see if I can find it again and add a link if anyone’s interested. In the meantime I found this which rather made me smile……..

funny picturesmoar funny pictures

ok, I need more coffee, and maybe more loud music, perhaps I’ll try a little Motorhead next, that oughtta work…………….


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  1. I have to say, my favourite quote today, which I’ve heard many times but was reminded of by the vid posted at Anita’s site to day, has to be

    “although we did…..find a way of using it”


    Comment by develish1 | May 1, 2010

  2. Gods damnit, now you’ve made me go and look up Ten/Rose fics. *sigh* All the angst and meaningful glances!!!!!

    There goes my handover report…

    Comment by Jen | May 3, 2010

    • there’s nothing wrong with a little angst of an evening, lol.

      Just watch out for the more “colourful” stories. All I’ll say if “heed the warnings, they’re there for a reason” 😉

      Comment by develish1 | May 3, 2010

  3. Of an evening, yes, but it’s half eleven in the morning where I am, and I’m supposed to be compiling a list of all my cases so when I leave at the end of the week my team will know what they’re doing and what the various crazies who call me up every day are on about and all I want to do is read stories!! I might have to throw a sickie this afternoon and binge on the shiny.

    Comment by Jen | May 3, 2010

    • ah yes, I was forgetting the time difference. But, but, shiny is good 🙂

      Comment by develish1 | May 3, 2010

  4. I’ve seen another DT/fanfic related picture, and it says something like:

    “David Tennant thinks you should be ashamed of the fanfics you’ve written about him”!

    WARNING – seriously cute picture alert…

    Comment by whogal | May 5, 2010

  5. ah, the cotton candy one, yes, yummy

    Comment by develish1 | May 5, 2010

  6. Yummy indeed! He does look intense and a bit sulky, though… Wonder if someone used salt instead of sugar in the candy floss!

    Oh dear, sorry, now you probably feel a bit sick… xp

    Comment by whogal | May 5, 2010

  7. eeeewwwww

    Comment by develish1 | May 5, 2010

  8. Mm, sorry about that! You’re not alone, btw, if you DO feel a bit sick. Damned migraine.

    But it does have some sort of twisted logic – some Scots do like salt, instead of sugar, on their porridge (allegedly) so there’s no accounting for taste…

    Sorry, did I make the situation worse?!

    Comment by whogal | May 5, 2010

  9. yes, and for the record I don’t like porridge either, lol.

    Comment by develish1 | May 5, 2010

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