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Impending combustion……

Or at least that’s what I’m told. What am I talking about you ask? Well I’ve been advised that my purchase of a certain DVD, combined with my DT addiction, is likely to lead to spontaneous combustion when it arrives and I sit down to watch…….

Oh I should tell you which DVD shouldn’t I? Sorry, was daydreaming again, lol. Anyway, it’s Called Secret Smile, and for those who don’t already know, it was a two part TV drama shown originally in the UK in 2005, featuring DT as a rather nasty sort, who sleeps with two sisters, and is also rather violent.

When I mentioned to a friend that I’d ordered it, she said “Ok, I’ll keep a look out for new reports on spontaneous combustions or explosions in your area” which of course caused me to laugh rather loudly. I then had to explain my laughter to hubby who had just walked in, and he agreed with my friends comment. I believe he said something like “I’ve heard bad guys are supposed to be sexier than good guys”. I do have to agree he has a point there, wouldn’t you say ladies?

To illustrate this point, here’s a clip (which may be considered NSFW unless you keep the volume very low) where Brendan (DT’s character) is speaking to one of the sisters, while the other is just out of earshot…….

Ok, tell me you didn’t just go a little weak at the knees there? Now say it again, and try to at least pretend that you mean it. If you want to read up on this drama, there’s some info over at IMDB.

And so, to today’s picture, and I’ve picked a screencap from The Impossible Planet where Rose and The Doctor think they’ve lost the Tardis for good. Simply because I think it’s such a lovely scene, where The Doctor talks about maybe having to settle down, getting a house, and carpets then panics over the thought of getting a mortgage……..

original image courtesy of David Tennant Photos

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  1. I still feel the air getting pulled out of my lungs when I see that- that character was SO bad but you just couldn’t stop watching.

    Comment by Anita Marie | April 29, 2010

  2. did you just go *thud*?

    I’ve only seen clips so far, but the DVD is on it’s way now so I’ll report back after watching it. Assuming I can still breath. lol

    Comment by develish1 | April 29, 2010

  3. somebody is in for a treat

    Comment by Anita Marie | April 29, 2010

  4. maybe hubby after I’m done watching it. Well I’ll need to burn off all that, erm, energy, somehow right? lol

    Comment by develish1 | April 29, 2010

  5. 😉

    Comment by Anita Marie | April 29, 2010

  6. Oh ladies, please! Shall I fetch a bucket of cold water?!

    Yes, yes, I know, I’m the same. But I don’t have anybody to, ahem, burn off the excess, er, energy, so WTH will I do?!

    I do love that bit with the Doctor and Rose – it’s so cute! When he freaks out about the mortgage it’s so funny! Mmm, commitmentphobe, much?! I suppose it can’t be easy holding down a relationship when you don’t live your life in a linear sequence… Wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff and all that. Look what happened with River Song!

    Incidentally, can you believe Alex Kingston found Matt sexier than David? 😮

    Me neither. I mean, he seems very nice, lovely in fact, but sexy??

    Comment by whogal | April 29, 2010

  7. I know, that threw me too. After all she’s older than me and he’s young enough to be my son (if I’d started very young you understand) so….just…..ick

    Comment by develish1 | April 29, 2010

  8. Eeeew from all I’ve seen, Matt Smith is a pale (pasty) imitation of DT. Bah to this Alex Kingston person, bah I say!

    And whogal, I too am, er, exercise-partner-less – wanna help me clone DT? We could, er, split the results…

    Comment by Jen | April 29, 2010

    • how do you plan to share when you’re on the other side of the world? Unless you’re making 2, in which case make me and Anita one too. I’m sure I have a spare cupboard I could put him in.

      Comment by develish1 | April 29, 2010

      • fair enough, we await news of your success.

        Comment by develish1 | April 30, 2010

  9. ‘Course we’re making two – the time-share thing is too hard (even with a timelord) when you have different hemispheres involved.
    As to making extras, sure thing! The recipe for making four isn’t all that different to making two, just need an extra couple of bowls for the mixin’…

    Comment by Jen | April 30, 2010

  10. whoa now…Alex K said WHAT?
    that is just…wrong, wrong, wrong.

    And I like Jen’s idea…share the love ladies, share the love

    Comment by Anita Marie | April 30, 2010

    • Don’t worry Anita,

      I already placed an order for one for each of us 😉

      Comment by develish1 | April 30, 2010

  11. Bwahahahaha just watched the video clip. Epic, epic win. Am very glad I wasn’t able to download it at work, though…

    Comment by Jen | April 30, 2010

  12. well I did warn you it was a bit spicy, lol.

    Comment by develish1 | April 30, 2010

  13. Wibbly-wobbly for other reasons now, are we?!

    Yeah, DT is THE man. I do like Matt but he’s not DT. End of.

    And as for the cloning – what if we ended up with evil clones, a la Bartie and Brendan (what is it about that letter B?!) God forbid!

    Comment by whogal | May 5, 2010

    • like you’d turn him away? lol

      Comment by develish1 | May 5, 2010

  14. I’d only turn him away if he was REALLY evil! Mind you, they say a leopard can’t change his spots, so maybe that’s a dangerous way to think…

    Comment by whogal | May 5, 2010

  15. Well having watched Secret Smile with my two besties at the weekend I have to report that YES, I WOULD turn Brendan away – he’s awful!

    I mean yeah, he’s wrapped in DT’s bod, and has that lovely mouth and those gorgeous eyes, but he’s so EVIL! UGH!

    Run, girls, run!

    But as I think I’ve already said on here, one of my friends found it all very aggravating, as she was annoyed that the girlies weren’t screaming when they could’ve done to alert people about what was occurring. Or told the police… (Until it was too late – even though she wasn’t listened to when she did – but still).

    But Campbell…. he’s a different matter altogether! Loonies are OK, pyshos, not so much…

    Comment by whogal | September 1, 2010

    • actually I think that’s my main reason for still holding off on watching it.

      I’m expecting to spend half the time muttering at the females characters about being such pathetic wimps.

      Comment by develish1 | September 1, 2010

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