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Hi all.

I’ve been wandering around the newly expanded cheezburger network (it seems to grow almost daily lately), and found yet more bits I’d not seen before and I just had to share…..

All the following images contain links back to the relevant area of Cheezburger. This first one comes from a site called If Shoes Could Kill

Crazy Shoes - Cruising To Paris

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a few shoes I really thought would kill me in the past, although none that looked quite like THAT.

While I was there, I discovered that Wedinator has also become part of cheezburger. I’ve not been there in a while so have no idea when it happened. If you’ve never been there, take a look at this and tell me, were your wedding photos like this?

Funny Wedding Photos - Draco Malfoy Finds Happiness

And from there I spot a link to another bit of the network, called Poorly Dressed People. How bad can it be I’m thinking, before I click the link, now I have clicked the link I know exactly how bad it can be, and so will you. I like to share……….

Fashion Fail - Lovely Dress, Knockers

And the quote from the webmaster that goes with this particular piece of fashion?

“Unfortunately, Steve Stevens’ Wikipedia article says nothing about his personal life, so I don’t know if this is his wife or an arts and crafts project he’s working on with some balloons and glitter that he got on sale at JoAnn’s. I had no idea that Rit Dye came in “Montag.””

I think I need something really nice to look at to calm my poor frazzled brain after all that lot, and I imagine you do too, so hows this?

original image courtesy of the image archives at Team Tennant

I’ve got very little info about this picture, other than that it was taken by a fan while DT was signing autographs outside the National Television Awards in 2007. Shame about the angle though, if they’d been standing just a little further to the right I might have been able to see into that shirt a little better.

I think I’ll go take a cold shower now, or a lie down, or both.


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  1. so i’m going through the pix
    my reactions
    what the heck
    and then
    and theeenn
    you know, being that I want to express myself accurately I think I’ll have to take that last picture in more fully.
    You know.
    For an hour or two or…

    Comment by Anita Marie | April 21, 2010

  2. just do what I did, go lie down for a little while, the feeling will return to your legs eventually, honest 😉

    Comment by develish1 | April 21, 2010

  3. Oh dearie, dearie me. The shame. What makes people go out dressed like that?

    And what’s with the shoes?!

    But oh…. What a divine picture of the Lord of Time himself… Mmm!

    Comment by whogal | April 21, 2010

    • They have some even more freaky shoes over there, trust me, those were some of the tamest ones, lol.

      as for the DT pic, you’re thinking the same thing I was are you not? something along the lines of slipping your fingers……………


      Comment by develish1 | April 21, 2010

  4. Oh dear, what are people like?! I quite like “Irregular Choice” shoes, but that’s about as whacky as I get…

    As IF I was thinking of anything that impure! What do you take me for?!

    I love the look of concentration on his face. I would, however, love to kiss those lips, and that chin, and the tip of his nose (not sure why, exactly, but who needs a reason?!)

    Comment by whogal | April 22, 2010

    • probably the same reason I’d like to run my fingers through his chest hair.

      It’s a good thing hubby never reads this, lol.

      Comment by develish1 | April 22, 2010

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