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No, no, no…..oh ok then……

They’re messing with my DW again, and I almost stamped my feet a lot, but I managed to contain myself as we were expecting guests, and even though hubby is quite used to the occasional outburst from my inner 8 year old, I didn’t want to inflict it on others. So, I hear you ask, what did they do this time? Warning, contains spoilers……..

So far I’ve tried to avoid hearing too much about the new series in advance, since I’m still getting to know this new version of the Doctor and would rather not hear anything that might put me off, this week I failed though. I accidentally discovered before watching that this Saturday’s episode would feature a brand new design of the Daleks. My first instinct as you can imagine was horror that Moffat was messing with such a staple of the show, but………….

When they were revealed I was actually not that horrified. They’re still Daleks thankfully, and although they are larger than the old style ones, both in height and width, as you can see from the pic below, they’re not different enough that it bothered me.

They’re also more colourful, which again did not bother me. They’re now colour coded it seems depending on rank/role, there’s red (drone), orange (scientist), white (supreme dalek), blue (strategist), and yellow (eternal), and I quite like them.

Actually I just realised that I didn’t comment at all about the second episode of the 11th Doctors adventures, which aired here last week, so my apologies to anyone who was expecting me to. I did watch it, just as I said I would, and again enjoyed it despite myself. I have to say this new series is definitely grabbing my attention, much more than I expected it to, since there’s no DT any more. The new Doctor is kooky enough to be very doctory, his new companion is smart too, she catches on very quickly to what’s going on around her, follows the Doctors lead well in a crisis, and often spots things the Doctor himself misses. Oh an did I mention that next week the Weeping Angels are back? No power on earth will keep me from seeing that one as I always thought they were incredibly scary.

And finally, since this is a very Dalek heavy post today, I thought I’d go with a pic of DT taken from Daleks in Manhattan, where he’s looking terribly nerdy and terribly sexy too.

all todays images courtesy of the BBC Doctor Who site

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  1. I just saw the 11th’s first episode and I liked it alot.
    Can’t wait to see more.
    However I also enjoyed the way you tied DT back into the convo.

    Well Done

    Comment by Anita Marie | April 19, 2010

    • Thanks,

      that’s rather typical of me to be honest, as whogal will no doubt confirm, basically any excuse to post a DT pic is always grabbed firmly with both hands, lol.

      Comment by develish1 | April 19, 2010

  2. Mmmmm, nerdy sexy DT…

    BUT I have to say I totally disagree about the new-style Daleks – they look like they were designed for a Dr Who childcare centre! Too big, too bright, too primary-coloured. Bah! Bah, I say!

    On the third hand, weeping angels OMG can’t wait! Might have to warn the flatties in advance, though, as after “Blink” I think I slept with the lights on for at least two or three nights, and I had a boy-type protecter then, too!

    Comment by Jen | April 20, 2010

    • I guess you’ll have to wait till you get to see the episode to really judge, it’s much harder just from pictures. I found they were still as scary as they always were, still had the right voice, still as evil and menacing etc, so I frankly didn’t care what colour they were really, they were still Daleks

      As for the weeping angels, maybe buy a night-light? lol

      Comment by develish1 | April 20, 2010

  3. Oooh, I know, buy a night light, then cover it with a large printout of the beach-y picture from today? 🙂 Though that would make me _hope_ I wouldn’t sleep…

    Am having illegal download DW marathon to catch up to UK in two weekends’ time, so will reserve judgement till then.

    Comment by Jen | April 21, 2010

    • surely that would make you want to sleep? Think of the dreams…………….ok, stop drooling, you’ll bugger up your keyboard! lol

      Comment by develish1 | April 21, 2010

  4. *Jen will be away for a few days while her keyboard is de-drooled.*

    Oh dear, I’m supposed to be at the airport early tomorrow and now I won’t want to wake up to go!!! *sigh* *drool* *splutter*

    Comment by Jen | April 21, 2010

    • I’m sooo glad to have been of service *giggle*

      Comment by develish1 | April 21, 2010

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