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A Sunny Saturday……

Yes, the sun is out and it’s really rather nice out there today, which makes a very pleasant change. In fact it’s so nice I’m currently working on convincing hubby that he’d really rather be sitting outside a pub with a beer in his hand than sitting in front of an XBox with a controller………

I can’t blame him for wanting to relax in his own way though I suppose. He does work rather long hours, well 12 hour shifts to be exact, and these vary between days and nights and can be any day/night of the week, so his “down time” isn’t always when other people are having theirs. Think I’ll give him an hour killing zombies, or whatever it is today, then start pulling my best “puppy dog” face on him, that usually works.

In the meantime, how about some DT to brighten up your Saturday, in case you’re not as lucky as me with the weather. I’m not 100% sure, but I think this first one was a promo pic……….

This next one though I am sure of, as it comes from the season 3 episode, Gridlock, and features our favourite Timelord holding a rather cute kitty. Which rather begs the question, which one is cuter?

original images courtesy of David Tennant Photos

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