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Thank @%$£ it’s Friday……….

I’m in two minds about what to post today really. I’d like to rant about something, but I feel I’ve been altogether too serious in here lately and should maybe lighten the mood a bit. So I think I’ll save the rant for next week in the hopes the issue will resolve itself, although I doubt that very much since it involves a national company who doesn’t want to honour it’s own agreements with it’s employees. For today though, a little self promotion, and a few yummy pictures……….

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned several times now, I run a very small social message board, forum, call it what you like, at the hosting site There’s a link to it in the About section if you’re interested in visiting. I also volunteer my services as a moderator at the official Aimoo forums, assisting other users when they get stuck on settings etc, or raising issues with the main Admin if things go seriously wrong.

In addition, I have a second site there that I use for playing around with settings, testing stuff out, and practising making my own background themes (or skins as they’re known there) for use in my main forum. Aimoo has a selection of skins in a library for forum owners to use if they wish, and allows users the chance to submit their own designs for consideration. If your design is chosen, you get a month of ad free service (with additional benefits) as a reward and the design is added to the library.

I’ve made a few in the past, but not submitted them as I didn’t think they were good enough. After being encouraged by a friend over there though, I decided to submit one, sadly it was declined. Refusing to be beaten though I had another go, and this week received a message from the Admin stating that my design has been selected and as of yesterday had been added to the library for others to use too.

I’m rather over the moon to be honest, as I didn’t think it was good enough for this, it’s not overly detailed etc, but clearly they saw something they liked. I’m adding a screen shot below, but if you’d like to see my design up close you’re welcome to take a look, as it’s still in place at my test forum here. Please do not attempt to join that forum though, it’s only for testing, but if you do want to join in over there, you’re more than welcome at my main forum.

And since we never let a day go by in here without mentioning at least one yummy man, and often several of them, how about these to brighten up your Friday? The first one is a DW publicity shot, taken at the same time as the pic with Billie Piper that I posted on April 12th.

And this one is a promo shot also, for The Sara Jane Adventures, which sadly I have yet to see. So that’s something else to add to my “want” list.

original images courtesy of David Tennant Photos

Before I go I must mention this, hubby received a parcel in the post this morning, and I’ve got to wait till he get’s home in around 2 hours to see what it is, and it’s killing me! The reason? Well I’m as sure as I can be that it’s the Specials box set which will finally complete my 9/10 DW collection.


Hubby is home, package is opened and it is indeed what I thought it was, and it has more extras than I realised too. DT’s video diary – The Final Days, stuff from Comic-Con 2009, the Confidential’s to go with each special and those Christmas Idents the BBC used last year, plus deleted scenes etc. Excuse me while I go bounce around the house for a few minutes in glee……….

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  1. your hubby is awesome

    Comment by Anita Marie | April 20, 2010

    • He is indeed, and thanks to him I now have the complete set of new DW.

      He bought me this box set for Christmas you see, so all I needed was the specials to complete it.

      Comment by develish1 | April 20, 2010

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