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Hi everyone. After a rather gloomy week last week, I have to say today was a definite improvement. Why? Because the online store hubby has ordered the remaining DW Specials boxset from, has finally dispatched them today, plus I let my inner child out to run wild today, and thoroughly enjoyed it………………….

Yes, as I mentioned I was planning to do in yesterdays post, I went to see a film today, and had great fun. The film? How To Train Your Dragon. A story about a young Viking, who after years of being told how terrible dragons are, and how they should all be killed on sight, discovers even dragons have problems, and they’re not nearly as evil as he’d been led to believe.

That was pretty much all I knew about the film before I saw it, as I tend not to research films too much in case it puts me off. So off me and hubby went to the cinema, where I settled into my seat, slipped on my 3D specs and let my inner 8 year old out. I was not disappointed.

As you’d expect from Dreamworks, the animation was excellent, the story an exciting adventure whatever your age, oh and in case you didn’t know there’s also a little bit of DT. I have to say it’s a VERY little bit of DT (I think he has 3 lines total), so certainly not a reason to go see it, but it is there none the less.

The best reason to see this though, is quite simply that’s it’s a fun film. A fairly typical storyline admittedly, child struggling to live up to the expectations of those around them, who then discovers a new way to do things and it all works out happy ever after, but please don’t let that stop you seeing it. To be honest, I had so much fun watching it I’m now considering getting the books, even though they’re aimed at readers far younger than me. So my advice would be, if you haven’t seen this yet, and you get the chance, go for it, and take sweeties, your inner child will love it. For more info you can visit the official site here.

And finally, since we need at least one hunky man a day in here or everyone suffers withdrawal symptoms, including me, and no for once it’s not DT, although hopefully a few of you will still find it droolworthy………..


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  1. ONLY 3 LINES?! WHAT?!

    I’m disappointed. Can you tell?!

    I will go and see it anyway, but I think it’s a shame his role is so small, considering all the audio books he’s read.
    Maybe I’ll get some of those, I don’t care about being a child!

    And as for this interloper, well! ; )

    Comment by whogal | April 14, 2010

    • yes I can tell, lol.

      I’m guessing that his role was kept pretty small since he was probably still doing DW at the time, not to mention all the other work he’s been doing in the last couple of years, such as the audio books the film is based on, all the DW audio books, the pilot for Rex is your lawyer, the radio plays etc. I guess he can only be in so many places in the space of a week.

      Oh and, although I’m not sure I caught all his lines, hence my “guess” at how many there were, I definitely caught one, clear as a bell and undoubtedly him, in one of the first scenes. Hubby agreed too, so I know it wasn’t just me hearing things.

      Comment by develish1 | April 15, 2010

  2. I’ve loved what I’ve heard of the CDs so far; his voice is SO lovely – and he’s fantastic at all the voices! It really is LOL funny!

    And where else, I wonder, can one hear a classically-trained actor talking about snot green, bogey beige and pooey brown?! 🙂

    Comment by whogal | September 29, 2010

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