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Lazy Sundays, gotta love em…..

And I’ve been having a very lazy one today I must admit. I did plan to do some chores today, really I did, but my inner geek reared it’s head earlier when I discovered 5 solid hours of Babylon 5 on the FX channel, so basically there went my entire afternoon.

Apparently, they’ll also showing the B5 films one a day from Monday at 5.00pm, so there goes a chunk of next week too, as there’s a couple of those I’ve not seen yet. Guess I need to start looking to complete that DVD collection too next huh? Anyway, I think I owe you all a picture or two don’t I?

So I won’t keep you waiting any longer. In keeping with the lazy Sunday theme, hows this one? He does look rather comfy doesn’t he?

And while I know he’s not really simply resting in this next picture, it still fits the theme sort of doesn’t it? That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it you hear? It has nothing to do with wanting to gaze at him lying in bed……………

Original images courtesy of David Tennant Photos

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