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Lovely things kids, couldn’t eat a whole one though…

Yes I know, it’s a very old joke and not even a good one, but given the noise I’ve been putting up with lately from the family next door, it’s hardly a wonder I’m a little less than child friendly than normal today is it? I’ll apologise in advance to any mums out there reading this, but I’m afraid I feel a small rant coming on……….

I’m sure it’s very hard being a single mum, and I’m sure her little one is probably teething or something (that would certainly explain all the screaming at all hours of the day and night) but is that really any excuse for letting her other child run riot?

Or maybe she’s deliberately provided him with hob-nailed boots specifically for the purpose of running up and down the alley between our houses for what seems like hours, with a friend or two in tow, yelling and at times using swear words a child that age simply shouldn’t know. Maybe I should get her some of these to try to keep the little #### occupied for a while?

For those not in the know, these are a series of children’s books, in audio format (although they are of course available in print too) written by Cressida Cowell, and read by the yummy DT, and yes they are the stories the recent movie How To Train Your Dragon was based on. The pic above only features 4, but there are more in the series.

And speaking of DT, no day would be complete here without a picture right? So how about a little something from Last of the Time Lords ? Or maybe two somethings?

original images courtesy of  David Tennant Photos copyright the BBC

That’s better *sigh* I feel much less inclined to bang on the wall now. That smile works on me every time.


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  1. Ah, I could look at David every day too! Never gets old!

    Comment by missdisplaced | April 7, 2010

    • Hi miss, wondered when we’d hear from you again, welcome back

      Comment by develish1 | April 7, 2010

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