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I really did mean it…….

It seems, despite all the supposedly convincing argument I gave to my hubby about how I really did not want any chocolate over Easter, that he wasn’t actually listening.

I now have, sitting on my desk beside me, a rather yummy looking dark Belgian chocolate egg with pretty little pink dots all over it. So, before I go indulge myself totally…….

Yesterday I posted a link to the rather lovely replica of the 10th Doctors coat, which I’m sure we’d all love to own, but I doubt any of us can afford. So today I thought I’d find something for you that’s maybe a little closer to our collective price range. Such as, DT, wearing the coat………….

Yep, you read that right. It’s actually one of those life size card standee’s you often see in movie theatres, and is available to pretty much anywhere in the world for around £30, plus shipping. Better than $300 US for the coat right? If you’re interested you can find them at a number of sites, just google it, but in particular does ship worldwide.

Oh, did I mention they also have DT without the coat, John Simm as The Master, John Barrowman in his Capt Jack guise, a whole range of monsters, K9 and a Tardis, although that of course is not quite life sized. Oh and that new guy too of course, what’s his name again? lol.

Please note, I threw that picture together myself from screen-grabs so any errors in scale are totally my own, my only excuse is I’m in a hurry to get at that chocolate.


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