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Fish fingers and custard?

No I haven’t lost my mind again, oh and apologies for my absence yesterday, I took a day off to indulge in some TV, followed by drinks with friends since it was a holiday weekend.

Anyway, as all my UK readers with cable/satellite will no doubt be well aware, we had a thoroughly Doctor filled weekend here with the Sci-Fi channel running hours of the stuff for 3 days straight. I took advantage of it to re-watch some of the older stuff I haven’t seen in some time, and I now realise had sadly lacking my DVD collection is with regards to the Doctors earlier incarnations and I really need to get shopping to correct this.

And, as even those outside the UK will no doubt know, this weekend also saw the start of the new series with Matt Smith playing the 11th Doctor. Here’s a few of my thoughts on his first outing, and while I’ll do my best to stay away from commenting on any major plot points, please note, there may be minor spoilers……

Like many of you, when I first heard who had been chosen to take over from DT, I was rather dubious that he had any hope of filling the Doctors shoes. I have to say though, having now finally seen the first episode of the new series, I am very hopeful for the future.

Don’t get me wrong, when I tuned in along with around 8 million other UK viewers, my adult Tennant addicted brain kept screaming “That’s NOT Doctor Who”. And it kept screaming it too, until my inner 8 year old DW addict started screaming “YES IT IS!” far louder and drowning it out.

So yes, I for one enjoyed it, and got totally wrapped up in the story. So much so that by the end even my DT addiction couldn’t stop me thinking “I can’t wait to see next weeks show”. And I think the main reason for that is simply this, Matt Smith actually did do a very good job of filling the Doctors shoes.

He has a different style to DT of course, but that’s as it should be, change is expected with each regeneration and this time is no different. He does retain some of the frenetic energy of DT’s Doctor, but seems a bit more “kooky”, at one point describing himself as “a madman with a box” . In fact he comes across very much like a mad professor and does it with style, right down to the jacket and bow tie he adopts part way through once he settles on his “style”.

Image copyright the BBC, for more visit the Official Doctor Who site

There’s a very silly section near the start where he’s trying to get the hang of his new body and decide if he still likes the same foods etc (hence the rather odd title for today’s post) but despite it’s silliness, which some commentators have apparently criticized, it is very “Doctory” so it worked for me.

Then towards the end of the episode there’s a scene very reminiscent in tone of DT’s first outing, The Christmas Invasion, where in a scene that includes a rather nice montage of his previous 10 incarnations, the 11th Doctor also explains who he is to the bad guys, and then tells them “Run”. Anyway, put simply I had fun watching it, and will tune in next week too. I’ll let you know if it continues to keep me hooked, but I already strongly suspect that it will.

Oh and speaking of The Christmas Invasion……….

also copyright the BBC, for more visit the Official Doctor Who site

And finally, have you got a spare 300 US dollars hanging around? If so you’ll love this, it’s a limited edition, screen accurate and officially licensed replica of the 10th Doctors coat, you know, the one Janis Joplin gave him.


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  1. Hrmph, I fear I shall be sitting in my chair (in 2011, probably, stupid TVNZ) fuming and chanting Not.A.Dr for at least the first two episodes… But he *is* quite pretty, though the overly shopped photos I’ve seen thus far do not endear me to the Beeb’s PR Dept.

    But hurrah for Whonian(?) kookiness, and also for Easter, or, as my new flat has renamed it (being of a student-atheist bent) Four Day Chocolate Binge For Zombie Jesus. Also, WANT that coat. *sigh*

    Comment by Jen | April 6, 2010

    • I Know what you mean about the “careful” pics they’re using for promotional purposes. This is a screen grab though

      which is much more realistic.

      And yes, I want the coat too *sigh*

      Comment by develish1 | April 6, 2010

  2. His face is… long. I miss DT’s little pointed-foxy-fox-terrier face already. 😦

    Still like the Roflrazzi pic, with Not.A.Dr standing outside the TARDIS and the caption “‘Who’ is supposed to refer to the character, not the actor”.

    Comment by Jen | April 6, 2010

    • Don’t think I’ve seen that one, send me a link if you can would you?

      Comment by develish1 | April 6, 2010

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