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Do I have to?

Apparently I do it seems……

Ok, so here’s the thing, it seems that since I’m 21 again very soon, well Monday to be precise, and my husband is working 12 hour day shifts Sunday through Wednesday, he’s decided he’s taking me out today to “celebrate”.

Why in heavens name I should want to celebrate getting another year closer to my bus pass is a mystery to me, but he seems to think it’s required so I’ll give it a go.

Sadly these means I don’t have time to have a proper hunt through my picture folders today, nor will I be around much to moderate or reply to comments etc, but I do still have something for you all.

A few weeks ago, while I had that dreadful cold and was bored silly, I was browsing through the “tribute” videos to David Tennant’s Doctor Who over at YouTube. Most were very soppy and sad, with sickly sweet songs playing in the background which made my teeth ache.

And then I found this……

Hope you like it. I’ll see you all sometime tomorrow, what time of course depends on the severity of the hangover.


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  1. well this seems to have got a few views, but no comments.

    whogal? where you got to?

    Comment by develish1 | March 27, 2010

  2. Aww, sorry, can’t look on here – and got carried away with other things last night online (no prizes for guessing what most of it was!) so will try tonight. (If You Tube/Facebook don’t steal my attention away again!)
    Blackpool clips are most compelling…

    Comment by whogal | March 29, 2010

    • Well if YouTube grabs you again tonight, just look it up, search for David Tennant Drop Dead Gorgeous.

      Comment by develish1 | March 29, 2010

  3. Ah yes, Blackpool.

    Did I mention hubby bought me the DVD of that? Hey! Stop scowling at me! lol

    Comment by develish1 | March 29, 2010

  4. I shall scowl if I want to – I don’t have someone to spoil me like that! ;p

    Comment by whogal | March 30, 2010

  5. I must find that picture of him licking an ice-cream….

    Comment by develish1 | March 30, 2010

  6. SQUEE! I DO love that clip from Blackpool…. I got very excited last night when I heard “The Gambler” so of course I had to find it online….

    Comment by whogal | March 30, 2010

  7. it just makes me want to be an ice-cream. *giggle*

    By the way, I know I’m an insomniac, but how come you’re still awake at this hour?

    Comment by develish1 | March 30, 2010

  8. …because I’m very, very silly!

    OOH yeah, being licked all over – STOP IT! 🙂

    You really must check out, on You Tube,some of the adverts he’s done – about a gazilion years ago (OK, maybe 6? Before Who, anyway) he appeared in some lovely ads for Argos, at Christmas, and another very silly one for Sky, I think, which is very cute.

    I remember watching them at the time,in the Argos ones, probably thinking “he’s cute” but not knowing who he was…

    And I actually saw the Cuisinart soup-maker ad he did a V/O for again, last night, after a long hiatus.

    Oh dear. Obsessed, much?!

    Comment by whogal | March 30, 2010

  9. maybe just a little……

    I only saw the soup maker one actually on TV for the first time yesterday, but I’d seen it before online of course.

    I’ll have to go look up the Argos ones now too..

    Comment by develish1 | March 30, 2010

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