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Happy St. Patrick’s Day….

Nearly forgot, so thanks to the friend who reminded me…

It’s that time of year again, where Guinness flows freely and everyone hope for a hangover free tomorrow…. Continue reading

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Apologies in advance…

Sorry, but I’m afraid I’m going to be absent again….

This weekend we’re going to visit some friends for a few days. As they live a fair distance from us, we generally only manage to get together about once a year so we haven’t seen them since January 2009.

So, this means we’re away Friday through Monday, and although we’ll take a laptop with us the place we’re staying only has low speed wi-fi, plus I wont have access to any of my pictures etc as they’re all stored on my main PC.

So basically this means it’ll be a pretty quiet weekend on this site, sorry about that. I will leave a few nice pictures for you all to gaze at before I leave though, and will as always post a few extra ones when I get back.

Now, where did I put that suitcase……….

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