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Something a little lighter….

After yesterdays more serious message, I felt something a little more light hearted would be good for today……

As you’ve probably already spotted from earlier messages, I have certain a fondness for the cheezburger network, so I though I’d share a few bits from there with you today.

Oh and don’t worry, there’s also a picture of David to gaze at too…so hows this for starters?

funny pictures of cats with captions
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Or this one perhaps?

funny pictures of dogs with captions
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Or maybe you’d rather chuckle at a celeb?

george clooney
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And as promised, today’s picture of David……

original image courtesy of David Tenant Photos


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  1. Ooh, a slightly mischievous one – me likey! : )

    Comment by whogal | March 16, 2010

  2. you know what? I had a feeling you would say that, and I have to agree too.

    Comment by develish1 | March 16, 2010

  3. …and did you get the Rex connection? Molto bene! 🙂

    Comment by whogal | March 23, 2010

  4. of course, that’s why I chose that particular one

    Comment by develish1 | March 23, 2010

  5. Naturally! Silly of me!

    Since his character in “Single Dad” is called Dave, I bet there’s loads of silly pics on there with that name to choose from!

    I can’t wait for that, can you?

    I think he’s been filming very recently for it.

    Comment by whogal | March 23, 2010

  6. No I can’t wait either, I keep checking for updates on what’s happening.

    I’m particularly fond of that site, as it also gives air dates for anything and everything DT related that’s due on in the near future here in the UK.

    I spent a good portion of last week watching Marathon Man, Eddie Izzards challenge for Sport Relief, which David did the commentary on. I only found out about the show from that website.

    By the way, I never asked, are you UK based?

    Comment by develish1 | March 23, 2010

  7. I am indeed on this sceptered isle!

    I,too gorged on loads of Marathon Man, which was wonderful in many, many ways!

    I tipped Sarah off about that commentary cos I only found out when it went out first, nobody publicised that David was doing the v/o for it. is indeed a great site to get information from (as long as people are letting other people know, that is!)

    Comment by whogal | March 23, 2010

  8. Marathon Man totally passed me by when it aired the first time, but I’m so glad I got to see it this time around.

    I have to say the show moved me and I think it would have even without David’s rather yummy voice wafting out of the TV.

    What he put himself through to achieve his goal was amazing and inspiring.

    Comment by develish1 | March 23, 2010

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