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But it’s PINK!

Well the germs are finally receding thanks goodness. So today was spent trying to catch up on all those little chores I’ve been putting off for the last week, which meant the dreaded (at least for hubby) trip to Ikea for some new bedding for the spare room.

This was urgently needed to be honest, as we have a friend coming to house/cat sit for us next week while we’re away, and despite buying a new bed for the spare room some time ago, the new bedding to go with it has been on the “To Do” list ever since the bed arrived, until today that is.

The thing is though, when I start wandering around places like Ikea I tend to get sort of sidetracked, and today was a classic example of this. Don’t get me wrong, I came home with all the required bedding items as planned, but also with a new suitcase on wheels, a matching laptop case, matching toiletries bag, a pair of slippers and a whole bunch of bits and bobs for the kitchen.

Oh and the title? That’s what hubby said when he saw the suitcase I was buying, as it is indeed a rather vivid shade of pink, as are the other items that go with it. One thing’s for sure though, while I’m trailing that thing around behind me he won’t lose me in a crowd.


February 17, 2010 - Posted by | Random Thoughts

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