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Things I’m catching up with

While I was away I missed my net access so much. I’ve spent the longest time reading through things to catch up on what I’ve missed and thought I’d share a few of them with you.

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I’m back, and there’s more DT too

Yes, I’m back from my little break which was very relaxing. As a welcome back to myself I thought we’d have a couple of pictures of David to gaze upon.

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As promised, more David pictures….

Since I’m going to be away for a few days

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And so it approaches….

As you will already know, if you read my posts that is and don’t just come here to gaze at the pictures of David Tennant, I’m heading off for a little holiday. So a large part of my “me time” today has been spent attempting to pack. I say attempting, as so far I haven’t actually achieved all that much of it.

So far, I’ve spent over an hour deciding what did and didn’t need to be in my toiletries bag. Right now I can hear all the men out there yelling “What?” like it’s some kind of terrible crime, but you ladies know where I’m coming from, this is important stuff right? If I leave hair product “a” behind and only take product “b” I can guarantee it’ll rain all week and my hair will frizz like crazy, if I go the other way the weather will be lovely and my hair will be greasy enough to fry chips in.

And then there’s the make up. If I take cosmetic “a” and leave cosmetic “b” at home I’ll have a crisis mid-week when I discover I REALLY needed it. If I opt for a different selection I’ll likely spend most of the week in the pool/sauna etc and not need a damn thing make up wise, apart from the non-run mascara which you can guarantee will be the one thing I forgot.

So, so far just one bag packed, it’s far larger than planned and I haven’t even started on clothes yet. At this rate I’m going to need another bag on top of my new funky pink luggage set. Which if you’ll remember I bought specifically to keep me from over packing? So far, it’s definitely not working.

Anyway, due to my little trip, I’ll have virtually no net access from late Sunday 21st Feb to Saturday 27 Feb. Before I leave though, I will pop in and post a couple, or indeed several, pictures of DT for you all to gaze at while I’m gone.

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A little more David

Since these seem to be getting the most attention, here’s another one to gaze at.

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But it’s PINK!

Well the germs are finally receding thanks goodness. So today was spent trying to catch up on all those little chores I’ve been putting off for the last week, which meant the dreaded (at least for hubby) trip to Ikea for some new bedding for the spare room.

This was urgently needed to be honest, as we have a friend coming to house/cat sit for us next week while we’re away, and despite buying a new bed for the spare room some time ago, the new bedding to go with it has been on the “To Do” list ever since the bed arrived, until today that is.

The thing is though, when I start wandering around places like Ikea I tend to get sort of sidetracked, and today was a classic example of this. Don’t get me wrong, I came home with all the required bedding items as planned, but also with a new suitcase on wheels, a matching laptop case, matching toiletries bag, a pair of slippers and a whole bunch of bits and bobs for the kitchen.

Oh and the title? That’s what hubby said when he saw the suitcase I was buying, as it is indeed a rather vivid shade of pink, as are the other items that go with it. One thing’s for sure though, while I’m trailing that thing around behind me he won’t lose me in a crowd.

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How about a little stubble?

Now, I do rather like my men with their hair a little mussed up and looking a bit unshaven.

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Ok, back to David then.

Seems no-one was too bothered by yesterdays picture.

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No, it’s not David

Just for once I thought we’d have a none DT picture on here.

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Just another picture

Actually, that should read just another David Tennant picture

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